Internship positions in London

1) The British International School is an English organization specializing in Study Holidays for groups of students aged between 14yrs and 19yrs in London, New York and other European destinations.
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The available internship positions are

▪ Travel Services Assistant

▪ Human Resources Assistant


2) The Winning Box offers a wide range of services to start –up companies: serviced offices, marketing and creative services, IT and finance assistance.
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The available internship positions are:

▪ Reception Assistant

▪ IT & Programmer Assistants

▪ Creative Assistant

▪ Marketing Assistant

▪ Finance Assistant

Our companies are looking for motivated and talented people who wish to put into practice the concept and theories they have acquired with their studies. During their internship, students will work in an international environment, carrying out projects that will allow the company to progress whilst gaining experience in solving organizational problems.

The internship within our companies are of a minimum of 3 months, with a minimum requirement of level B2 in English.
This position is unpaid but interns have the opportunity to attend Business and General English classes free of charge with qualified CELTA teachers.
Also our references have so far proved to be particularly useful for our interns, which have enabled some of them to have access to very successful careers.


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